Quiller hosts Brexit seminar with top London communicators


In the first of Quiller’s Autumn 2019 events, we hosted top communicators in London on September 5 for a breakfast seminar on Brexit. Our keynote speakers were Ian Wright CBE (Chief Executive of the Food and Drink Federation and former Global Head of Corporate Affairs at Diageo), and Edward Bickham (ex-special advisor to the UK Foreign Secretary and former Vice President of External Affairs at Anglo American). An enormous amount of ground was covered from (domestic and international) historical parallels with the current UK political situation, through to the likely course of events in coming weeks to October 31 and beyond.

The seminar highlighted how UK political conventional wisdom has often missed the mark in the past. Whether it be the widely forecast Conservative majority governments in the 2010 and 2017 elections that never materialised, or the Remain victory in the 2016 European referendum, UK politics is becoming potentially increasingly uncertain. The seminar also highlighted the toolkit to navigate these uncertain times, from future forecasting to scenario planning, to mitigate risks and maximise potential opportunities.

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