Every organisation is seeking to unlock value.

And every organisation needs to build resilience.

Tackling these challenges requires a deep understanding of the commercial, political and societal reality – both now and in the future.

Bringing together senior people from government, politics, journalism and business to create a highly-networked and experienced group of strategic advisors.

We apply our experience and expertise to ensure you can navigate the complex, interconnected ecosystem of stakeholders that can make – or break – your business plan.

Insights, forecasting and strategy

We identify the short and long-range reputational, regulatory and political issues and risks that will impact your organisation, and determine how you can not only mitigate these, but use them to your advantage. 

Leadership coaching

We coach leadership teams so that reputation-centric decision-making becomes second nature.  We demonstrate how agile leadership can turn political and societal risk into constructive opportunity.

Powerful campaigns and content

We build powerful campaigns and content that redefine your position in the marketplace, shape change internally and strengthen your relationships with political and societal stakeholders.

Employee engagement

We will work with you to unlock the unparalleled power of your employees – and those in your supply chain – to affect change and become your most powerful advocates.

We are Quiller:
An insight-driven consultancy committed to achieving commercial advantage through reputation, strategy and insight.