Businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, institutions, trade bodies – everyone faces challenges to their reputation.
Stories breaking on one side of the world can seriously impact your reputation, commercial viability, and share price in other parts of the world. Regulation in one country can spread to others and be quickly adopted across regional economic groupings.

Whilst the world appears chaotic, there is in fact a pattern as to how reputations are formed and who forms them.

And those people and institutions that make and shape the landscape in which you must operate have increasingly high expectations. They expect you to prove your value to society beyond the commercial. They expect you to make the case for why you matter and why you should have influence over the policy and regulation that affects you. They expect you to have a good story to tell, and not leave it to others to define you.

In turn, as the global market starts to recover, the need to secure inward investment becomes more pressing. New markets open up as governments look to increased private sector involvement in public sector provision, and a broad range of sectors and emerging economies bring new and exciting opportunities to the table.

Capitalising on these opportunities whilst navigating the reputational challenges is more important now than ever before. In a globalised world, how you manage your reputation is crucial, and this is where our expertise lies.

Founded in 1998, Quiller brings together senior people from government, politics, journalism and business to create a highly-networked and experienced group of strategic advisors.

We promote and defend the interests and reputations of high-profile businesses, institutions and individuals in the UK and abroad.

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Howell James CBE